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Armistice Day #writephoto

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Secrets from lady Lee Manila #writephoto

mystery there’s an eerie feeling and the light’s so bright at the window spirits are uneasy, if only they could talk an abandoned house with history what was it, we don’t know enigma Continue reading here

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Something round…by Stuart France

* “How old is it?” “How old is what?” “The Turnip Lantern Tradition?” * * “It is truly ancient.” “That is good.” “There appear to be others who agree with you.” * * “A heartening sight.” * Continue reading here

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Inclusion #midnighthaiku

Sit on the sidelines Or be part of the beauty The choice is your own Photograph by my son, Nick Verron. He saw this shot when out alone in his wheelchair. He stopped and, unable to cross the grass in … Continue reading

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