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Ha Bloody Ha from Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

Perry had had hangovers before but this one was internally percussive in ways he’d never previously experienced. Opening his eyes wasn’t an option, frankly, so he reached out with his right hand. It seemed trapped in a glove. Ditto his … Continue reading

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Facing Oblivion, Scroll Three

Greetings, high priestess Camma How humbled I was to receive your message, my love of so many years ago! We of the Roman army may think ourselves focussed and disciplined, but your simple message cuts me as would the blades … Continue reading

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Hound of Hades – by Jan Malique #writephoto-creature

This is my response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt #writephoto-creature. I watch Charon’s boat journey across the Sea of Night for an eternity; time is meaningless in this place. This is the true horror that awaits the dead in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Andrew Joyce

Originally posted on Story Book Reviews:
My name is Andrew Joyce and I write books for a living. I would like to thank Marie for allowing me to be here today to promote my latest, Yellow Hair, which documents the…

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Notes from a Small Dog – Halloween horrors

We’re not talking. I know, I should be more patient with her…she’s only a two-legs after all, but honestly… First she goes off, then comes back…only to go off again. Then, when she does come back, she’s all at sixes … Continue reading

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Stairways to heaven…by Stuart France

* “It’s just a landscape, Don.” * * “Well, it is undoubtedly a landscape…” * * “…And a sky-scape too…” * * “…Although, I’m not too sure what justice has to do with it…” Continue reading here

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Secrets #midnighthaiku

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