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A last afternoon with Madam Ioni

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
? The life of the jobbing poet is not without incident. People tend to assume that just because you are willing to oblige patrons there is no real limit to what a poet is willing…

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Sunset Gold by Ann W.J. White #writephoto

At dusk, everything is golden. The sun stretches, reaches long fingers to the land. One last caress to her children, one last kiss. Out there in the distance, they normally turned their heads away, as children do. It’s all part … Continue reading

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Anomaly from Morpeth Road #writephoto

Each morning William Grainger received two packages. One was the takings, profits and margins from the previous day. The other was his lunch always packed in a brown paper bag and always containing a vegemite sandwich and an apple. William … Continue reading

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#writephoto: anomaly: Vesta’s Rainbow by My Frilly Freudian Slip

Vesta followed the vertical rainbow even as night dampened the skies, and mists rose up to cloud her vision. She had chased it for miles, snapping pictures with her camera of the rainbow between earth and heaven. No pot of … Continue reading

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‘Still raining, still dreaming’… by Stuart France

* …That night Jed’s ‘derelict’ appears in the bed-room enveloped in an aura of light. He slowly crouches and whispers in my ear: ” ‘E cummin outta dem bushes shinin’, ‘e shinin’ like sum black buff sun. * ‘E donna … Continue reading

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Beacon #midnighthaiku

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