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#Glimpses – Prelaunch Blog Party

Originally posted on Hugh's Views & News  :
I’m celebrating the upcoming publication of my first book, Glimpses, and from now until December 2nd, I’d like to invite everyone to my prelaunch blog party. Here’s what you need to do.…

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Lux Anglicae – by Jan Malique #writephoto

Here is my offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt Mystery #writephoto. The Muses of creativity have been sparing with their favours lately, a fact that has frustrated and puzzled this blogger. Until now. I shall reserve judgment, no need to attract … Continue reading

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Faithful Friend – Melissa Barker Simpson #writephoto

Rosalie pulled her hat further forward, until it covered half of her face. She still had a problem with light, and yet every part of her skin – the parts uncovered at least – craved the warmth of the sun. … Continue reading

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Castlerigg – spectacle and speculation

Castlerigg was not always known by its more modern name. Once it was better known as the Carles… and a carl was a ‘free man’. The name Carl also has associations with royalty. ‘Rigg’ simply means ‘ridge’…  Perhaps it was … Continue reading

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Wish you were here… Stuart France

Holidays were originally just that… Holy Days. The whole community would lay aside their work day duties and together engage in deeply or intrinsically symbolic activities which related to the situation that they all found themselves in. Cheese Rolling… * … Continue reading

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Dry #midnighthaiku

When the well runs dry Perhaps it is just because You turned off the tap It may be seventeen syllables, but strictly speaking, it isn’t a haiku. It doesn’t conform to the accepted standards for the form… it is simply … Continue reading

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