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Who did it??

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Who put those colors in?? in the strands of a rainbow band… voilet from lavenders, indigo from skies, Who put those colors in?? blue from seas, green from leaves, yellow n orange from…

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Light years by Mick Canning #writephoto

Light Years It appears now both ridiculously arrogant and incredibly stupid, but after a mere few thousand years of development we seemed to think that we had arrived at a stage of development that we should consider to be an … Continue reading

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POSTCARD #230: New Delhi: From somewhere deep in Antiquity (2nd-1st century BC) the Indo-Greek created a likeness of the Buddha saying, okay, this is who he was, and this is what he was like. Before…

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Guest Post: Discovery by Jan Sikes

Rick Sikes was a true pioneer of Outlaw Country music years before it ever had a name put to it. He packed out every club he played in and often talked about how he would draw the cowboys out of … Continue reading

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Dream On – rivrvlogr #writephoto

Dream On Beings of celestial light Beam us up into the night Take our hand, that we might find Ice cream cones of every kind And salad bars where bacon bits Sprinkled by elephants that sit On daffodils of sheer … Continue reading

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Book review: Unexpectedly compelling – ‘Dangerous’ by Ian Probert

“As I sit here with this remarkable man, I realise that sometimes it takes another person to articulate your own feelings before you can begin to understand them.” Were I to pick one phrase that stands out from this book … Continue reading

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Earth’s Ore… by Stuart France

* “Oh, and Bilbo, if you should, in fact, find a live Dragon down there, don’t waken it.” The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. * * Some are called… The Dragon speaks. Some are taken… The Dragon sleeps. * * … Continue reading

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Possibilty #midnighthaiku

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