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#Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part one

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986), photographed in 1929. Picture source, see end of post Many people are in a state of shock following a series of electoral surprises that have rocked the political ‘liberal establishment’ on…

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Thursday Photo Prompt – Passage #writephoto

Originally posted on Morpethroad:
It was the final flight of stairs before you got to the THE PASSAGE that took so much out of you. You had that sense of dread about you. You began to get a feel for…

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Thursday Photo Prompt – Passage #writephoto

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
I love Thursdays! This is Sue Vincent’s photoprompt this week. You can read her original post here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/1226871720 Five years ago he’d heard the panic, shouts and terrified screams of people trying to get out of…

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Three days – Three quotes

“I am not the one who loves It’s love that chooses me” “You have loved enough, now let me be the lover.” You could say that God is speaking to you or the cosmos, or your lover. It just means, … Continue reading

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Guest author: Bob Van Laerhoven – From the horse’s mouth

Bob Van Laerhoven is an award winning Begian/Flemish author with a similar problem to my own, but whereas I am owned by a single small dog, Bob is owned by three horses. “My three princesses,” writes Bob. “Bruja – criollo … Continue reading

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Reserve your place now – The Feathered Seer

The Clan of the Raven has withdrawn to the hills. They have withdrawn to a high place in the sacred lands, nearer the heart… Their fires are dead, their hearths are cold and the hilltop is now silent under the … Continue reading

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Sayings… by Stuart France

* ‘Sure as Stone’ * * ‘Old as Hills’ Continue reading here

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Shroud #midnighthaiku

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