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Weighted Glory by Delyn Merce #writephoto

Weighted With covenant- Hued glory, bow plummets Straight down, heavy, into blessed mist Selah* (*Old Testament word found in some Psalms and also the Book of Habakkuk, generally believed to mean, … Source: Weighted Glory (#writephoto)

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People call me crazy from Haddon Musings #writephoto

People call me crazy.  I have searched these red rocks for years. My Annabelle, she gave up on me and went off with that banker feller. Someday I will fill that bank with gold.  I know the tale of the Lost … Continue reading

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Anomaly #writephoto by willowdot21

The  birds  must  of  sensed  the  Anomaly  first  because  they  suddenly  left  the  area. No  bird  flew  within a  twenty  mile  radius of  moors. The lights  could be seen  by  day  and  night and  though  at  first  they  went unnoticed … Continue reading

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Burnt Autumn

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? ? My mother is eighty-six years old. She looks full of vitality, though her health is challenged by a less than perfect heart and a recent diagnosis of dementia. She’s facing this bravely, in…

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Child’s play?

She orders him around unmercifully while he looks at her with utter adoration in his eyes.  If ordering does not work, she brings out the secret weapon…the smile, the cheeky glance from beneath her eyelashes. Very seldom does she resort … Continue reading

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Gate #midnighthaiku

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