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The What of Life (1) ~ Steve Tanham

She was sitting in the front row – the car had mysteriously failed to start for the first five minutes of the would-be journey, as though projecting her future to this point with a mechanical will of its own. This … Continue reading

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“White nights in Macbeth Country…”

The Silent Eye, in conjunction with Lodge Unicorn na h’Alba, invites you to join us for a magical weekend in Scotland, experiencing the “White nights in Macbeth Country…” Grantown on Spey, June 14-16th 2019. When we meet in June it … Continue reading

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Awakenings #midnighthaiku

Small awakenings Bringing the flower to fruit Sweet expectation

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Reality TV? ~Steve Tanham

It’s full of trivia and artificial things; things which have arisen in the name of entertainment. Everywhere you look there is a stream of mindless celebrities willing – some would say desperate –  to eat tropical bugs to give themselves … Continue reading

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Faces of Shiva ~ Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: Brahma creates the world. Vishnu sustains it so that it might achieve its potential. Shiva destroys it when its positive energy has been exhausted. The ‘world’ might be everything, or, for the initiate of old, … Continue reading

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Finding joy…

““And then, right on cue as it were, in walks our angel.” “Oh, you mean the old woman with the radiant face and sparkly eyes.” “Ah ha, you see, even you noticed her radiant face, bit of a giveaway that … Continue reading

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The Rotating Blade of Meaning (8) – Final Part ~ Steve Tanham

In the preceding parts of this series (see below for full list) we have seen how Arthur M. Young, inventor and chief engineer of Bell’s early helicopter design, was convinced that it was possible to construct a ‘map of human … Continue reading

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Pancakes, sophistry and sacrifice

It is Shrove Tuesday and in England that means pancakes. Not, you will understand, those heart-warming American delights, nor the elegance of French crepes, but ‘proper’ pancakes. For my sons, following in the tradition of the family that has spanned … Continue reading

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Step by step…

The path winds around the embankment of an ancient hillfort… a fairy fort, they are sometimes called, gateways to the Otherworld of myth and legend. There is silence save for the rustle of leaves, the ever present birdsong and the … Continue reading

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A poem by Anne Copeland…

Posted as a comment on The Silent Eye… from Anne Copeland: I am the one who ponders The road in life And what it means to me And to all of us. Why am I here And what is my … Continue reading

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