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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Indiscretions, Mylo’s Advent Calendar and Geoff Le Pard

Living with another species is a bit of a learning curve. When you are a pup and the two-legses take you  home, you not only have to learn to be a dog, you have to do it with a load … Continue reading

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Songs for the seasonally challenged… II

To the tune of Christmas Alphabet… C is for the chestnuts that you didn’t get to roast H is for the hangover that you regret the most R is for the reindeer that you saw when you got high I … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Em #writephoto

She sat, perplexed, confused, Mostly angry at herself. Burdened by demonic hindsight, Torn apart by regret. Staring at the dying sun, The last embers of the day.   Continue reading at Em’s World

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12 things your grandparents said…

When you are very young, forty seems ancient and grandparents are, of course, so old they are practically another species. Like dinosaurs…almost- but-not-quite extinct and very much at home in museums. Their homes bear the traces of a ‘bygone era’…you … Continue reading

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Going for the burn…

“Women like their bathwater scalding hot because it reminds them of where they come from… Hell.” So said my son this morning. We had been discussing the relative merits of heat as a therapeutic measure and had progressed…or degenerated… to … Continue reading

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