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The pearl lace gouramis seem to think spring is in the air. While the female is looking fatter than usual, the male’s chest is brilliant orange and he keeps blowing bubbles. Gouramis build bubble nests on the surface of the … Continue reading

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Magical Man at the Dawn of Science – The Silent Eye

The Elizabethan age considered itself scientific, indeed the word ‘science’ was used to mean ‘knowledge’. The so called Age of Reason was a much later term applied by historians of science to broad-brush the slow ascent of experimental-based knowledge. What … Continue reading

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Chain reactions

I caught myself singing while I was hoovering… ‘Give a Little Whistle…’, a song I haven’t heard in years. It comes from Disney’s Pinocchio and the more I look at the story as it is told in the film, the … Continue reading

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Empty by The Urban Spaceman #writephoto

We dug into the ground with pick and axe, iron and steel biting into rich earth. We delved for everything which sparkled and shone. From the ground we tore everything precious, and some things which were not. Then we dug … Continue reading

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Pause for Thought

For a good many years, my days have begun very early and ended very late. For most of that time, I have been working, whether it has been on the nine-to-five treadmill (which very seldom was just nine-to-five), doing housework … Continue reading

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Cave – from Jeanne at Seasons #writephoto

Reblogged from Jeanne at  Seasons: A poetic journey of a thousand miles Cave Walking elegance, her heart padlocked, thoughts chained. Unearth the putrid and quiet the noise. Lying in inner turmoil, unable to move or scream, he held her closer. … Continue reading

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The Disease of Being Busy-from ALK3R

Reblogged from ALK3R: I saw a dear friend a few days ago. I stopped by to ask her how she was doing, how her family was. She looked up, voice lowered, and just whimpered: “I’m so busy… I am so … Continue reading

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A royal road to immortality

Scanning the news, I came across a photograph of a red-bearded Prince Harry looking remarkably like his namesake, King Henry VIII. Although, with the changing lines of the royal houses over the centuries, their relationship is distant in more than … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Land – Ancient marks

While there has long been an interest in the lives of our ancestors, until relatively recently that interest was largely limited to a small group of passionate antiquarians. Modern archaeological methods may be stringent in their cataloguing and recording, the … Continue reading

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Book launch! Gorgon, the second volume of the WhipEye Chronicles by Geoffrey Saign

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a guest article by author Geoffrey Saign whose new book has just been released… GORGON WhipEye Chronicles Book 2 “WhipEye” Book 1, 2015 International Book Award Winner, US Book News, & 2015 Outstanding … Continue reading

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