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Chasing carrots…

It has been hot in England recently… hotter than usual, even for summer. There has been no rain in my part of the country for weeks now and the ground is parched and cracked. Harvests are being brought in early, … Continue reading

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Being ordinary…

Why would anyone want to read about me? It is a question I ask myself… one amongst many as I write snapshots from my daily life and memories from my past, as I share opinions and beliefs, the small adventures, … Continue reading

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Back to normal

That’s it. The tree is down, the cards removed, the festive flowers have finally faded… apart from a token branch of pine and a poinsettia that are still hanging in there, determined to make it to Twelfth Night and the … Continue reading

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There are certain things we learn in order to live as part of a society that has, at least, the potential to live in harmony. There are orderly patterns that make up our lives, dictated by everything from our natural … Continue reading

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A leisurely afternoon

There were buzzards over the hillfort at Great Hucklow. We watched them soar as we met our companion for lunch and a few hours working on things for the School before the monthly meeting. Our students are worldwide, but a … Continue reading

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Normal weird

Image: Frolicking by Nick Verron The roads are suspiciously quiet today. You know why immediately… the school holidays are about over and the next few days will see the return to school that will flood the roads with traffic at … Continue reading

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