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Predator and prey…?

* Once bitten twice shy Prey learns fast from predator Just try it and see… * Though not afraid of spiders I now give them wider berth, Since one of them determined To remove me from this earth. The damned … Continue reading

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Misunderstood #midnighthaiku

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Living In The Shadows #writephoto  – Geoff LePard

Sue’s #writephoto prompt is ‘Oh my god. It’s an alien spider. He did bring something back, just like I said.’ Gemma spun and stared where he sister pointed. Ever since their father returned from the Amazon she’d been trying to … Continue reading

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#writephoto — Optical Illusion – This, That, and The Other

“Oh Jeez,” Sam cried out as he jumped back from the wall, fell against a chair, and almost lost his balance. “What happened?” his wife, Charlotte, asked. “Do you see the size of that spider on the wall?” Sam asked. … Continue reading

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I just wanted to get a quick shower But decided ablutions can wait There’s the spider from hell in my bathtub He’s the size of a small dinner plate. He was fine when he lived in the kitchen, And I … Continue reading

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Guest #midnighthaiku

This persistent guest took up residence in my sink, in spite of being evicted several times. I wouldn’t mind if he ate the live flies, but he seems intent on catching the newly drowned ones who swim in my discarded … Continue reading

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Impossibilities #midnighthaiku

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Fetch #midnighthaiku

Intruder alert Drastic action required Fetch the camera *It actually went ‘thunk’ when it jumped onto the bookcase…

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The lodger

I dragged the washing machine out of the hole where it has been hiding since it retired itself a little while ago, determined to de-cobweb behind it and scrub the floor before the replacement is installed. Ani wanted to help, … Continue reading

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The spider in the glass

The conversation was getting pretty deep when an ear-splitting scream shattered the evening. Ani darted up from her rest, confused but barking on the general principle that anything that could cause that sound from one of her boys needed attacking. … Continue reading

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