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The Coffee Monster ~ Gun Roswell

Reblogged from Rantings of a Third Kind: “The monster in me, before coffee, believe you me, you really do not, want to see” Gun Roswell The Coffee Monster In the early morning hours, the alarm went off, waking up, with … Continue reading

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To the small creatures that call the tree home, we are no more than a temporary addition to their landscape. Spiders and beetles wander over our legs or drop from our hair as we rest with our backs to the … Continue reading

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‘Know thyself’… Pausanius tells us it was inscribed in the court before the temple of Apollo at Delphi. We are given to understand it is associated too with the Inner Temples in ancient Egypt. It is one of the first … Continue reading

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Choices #writephoto

Eyes Hiding Strange faces Ever watchful Look out from shadows Distrusting all they see Fearing the caress of dawn That awakens them from slumber Far safer to embrace illusion Than to be revealed by the light of truth Remaining but … Continue reading

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Guest poet: Tempest ~ Two poems

Ful – Less Today it matters. Tomorrow it doesn`t. Does it matter? Do I matter? Did it ever matter? Does it still matter anyway? Matters.? Meaning.? Sense.? Relevance.? Love. One day you love. Next day you forget. You deny it. … Continue reading

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Camera shy

Why is it that on photographs My friends all seem much thinner, While I appear as if I ate an elephant for dinner? My clothing says I’m not too bad, And, with elastication, There’s still a bit of growing room … Continue reading

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Outside in

It was odd. I look at this particular blogger’s page every day…and every day there is a reblog button. On every post. Except today. I clicked into the title, hoping that by going deeper, I would find what I was … Continue reading

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Why not?

Have you ever taken one of the innumerable personality tests that are out there these days? I took a fair number of them as part of some research when we were  setting up the School. Results vary so much from … Continue reading

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Lights… camera…

By day I am a personal assistant. Not a glamorous PA with pad, pen and a nice line in stilettos. No. I’m both carer and mum and in this capacity I have been asked to step outside the normal roles … Continue reading

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Through the lens

From the archives: I cringed at the photograph… me of course. Like the vast majority of us, I suspect, I hate being on that end of a camera… the pointy end that highlights all the bits you don’t want to … Continue reading

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