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Solstice of the Moon: A flying visit…

There was absolutely no way we were going to drive to our destination without getting sidetracked. Where would be the fun in that? So we decided that the first place that would take us from the main road north would … Continue reading

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Going West: First Flight

We had watched the swallows in the hotel car-park, marvelling at their mastery of the air and swift, graceful flight and delighting in the first, tentative flutters as the baby swallows left the nest for the first time.  We have … Continue reading

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Going West: Fish, Chips and Cormorants

We were starting to get hungry by the time we arrived at our hotel in Lampeter, a small university town in mid-Wales that deserved more attention than we had time to give it. Personally, I blame the football. The trouble … Continue reading

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Gnomes, magic and porriwiggles…

I don’t know what sparked the memory. It might have something to do with the Elemental symbolism and magic of the upcoming workshop weekend.  And we had been talking about gardens with one of my son’s neighbours… and gardens are … Continue reading

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Container gardeners

The sun rose this morning on a misty world, finding its way through scattered clouds. Although the air is chill, yet there is a feeling of spring burgeoning with determined inevitability in the hedgerows and fields.  Houses huddle together for … Continue reading

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The tiny house #NoirWednesday

She was young, beautiful and the sun rose in her eyes. A stranger child… found by the wayside and raised by the elders. The village lads vied for her favour. Their mothers nodded doting heads and grandfathers remembered their  vigour … Continue reading

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Beauty – #WQWWC

There are many species of reindeer around the world, some forming the mainstay of local lifestyles, providing milk, meat, bone and fur to people who have little, given their landscape and who waste less. They are superbly adapted to their … Continue reading

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Scimitar Oryx

There is a theory that it was the horns of the oryx that gave rise to the legends of the unicorn. When you see one side-on, you can see why.. even though I am not sure that it is true. … Continue reading

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The Eyes of an Elephant: A Plea for Help Fundraiser from Alethea Kehas

Reblogged rom Not Tomatoes: Last night I woke around 2 in the morning because the sensor light in my daughter’s room was on. Finding her sound asleep, I touched the lamp to turn it off and went back to bed, … Continue reading

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The wolverine is the largest land-dwelling member of the mustelidae family, that includes weasels, otters and badgers. It grows to around the size of a medium dog and i a fierce predator. An elusive creature, the wolverine, with a need … Continue reading

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