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Downtrodden #midnighthaiku

Trodden underfoot Humble repressed and worthless Beauty passed unseen

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Wisdom Breathes Out? ~ Steve Tanham

We seem to be wrestling with the recognition that an age is coming to an end, and that strange forms are filling the world with casual madness, behaving as though nothing hangs over, us; no piper calling for the line … Continue reading

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Death of a salesman ~ Running Elk

Rebogged from Shamanic Paths: We’ve all had them. The incessant sales calls, interspersed with the “Hello, I’m a hacker looking for easy access to your computer, erm, I mean, Steve from Microsoft…” type calls. Now, apart from the half-assed hacker … Continue reading

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Spring Awakening – Running Elk

Reblogged from Shamanic Paths: Hoo. Had no idea I’d been gone so long… I’ve been away. Not in the “absent from” sense, other than the normal-for-the-time-of-year inability to feel genuinely invested in very much beyond the need for hibernation, but, … Continue reading

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The Frolics at Nightbell Gardens – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: Every city has its foibles, this is self evident. I’d go so far as to suggest that every city has bizarre customs that seem entirely sensible to the citizens but which leave the populace of other … Continue reading

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Flame by Prajakta #writephoto

Late afternoons often found her sitting alone, still and straight. Her mind would travel years back in time, when the house was full of children’s laughs and echoing footfalls. In a flash, hours and days had molded into long years … Continue reading

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Gilding the lily – a cupcake society

The house smells good. I have been baking. There is a reason for this… it is an act of rebellion. I’ve always baked. Not so much these days when there is usually only me, the dog and a recalcitrant waistline… … Continue reading

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I read an article a friend had posted this morning, taken from The Independent. I read it with tears for many reasons and a certain amount of empathy. The piece run by the paper tells the extended story of a … Continue reading

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At the feeder

“You’re as bad as Ani!” I look round, guiltily from my fascinated observation of the birds. My son sighs. “I know where she gets it from now.” I’m not allowed bird feeders in my garden. Ani objects to avian invasion … Continue reading

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