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Looking both ways

It is a very strange situation to be in, really. Over a week ago, I was given ‘days to weeks’ to live, with no one knowing upon which side of that particular marker the Reaper would come calling. It isn’t … Continue reading

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To leave no place for regret in a life Save only mistakes from which to learn Letting error serve good purpose Redeeming remorse for hurt Carelessly committed Youthful folly wakes To see itself Mirrored eyes Reflect Pain Joy Growing Unfolding … Continue reading

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Scales #midnighthaiku

A life unfolding Finding beauty at its heart Balancing the scales

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Where I’ve been… Erik Tyler

Reblogged from The Best Advice So Far: Well, my poor blog has lain neglected for just over six months. In the past few years, such an absence would have been sure sign that I’d run afoul of some mysterious and … Continue reading

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Talking to myself?

I was going back through some old writings and as is often the way, things written long ago come to my eyes as if penned by another hand and heart. Meaning leaps from the page, revelations lurk behind each word … Continue reading

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Witnessing ~ Adele #writephoto

Hidden in the shadows Secure in my fortress I survey the world outside It looks hostile, frightening, intimidating. Dare I venture out? What will I encounter this time? Opposition? Ridicule? Curiosity? Continue reading at Notes to Women

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It’s Afire ~ Deborah #writephoto

She stood there watching the sky aflame with one of the most spectacular sunsets she’d seen since living there on her uncle’s land. She remembered how he used to put her on his shoulders and exclaim, “Look at that sky, … Continue reading

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Being Human

Shadows dance in the firelight. A hand, warm upon cold stone, where many other hands have rested. The breath of the shaman, blowing ochre, staining the wall at this moment of passage. Rite of recognition within the tribe. Kinship and … Continue reading

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#writephoto regulars ~ Meet Marilyn Armstrong

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Today we meet Marilyn Armstrong, who blogs at Serendipity. Without those of you who write and read the pieces inspired by the weekly photos, … Continue reading

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Thaw – Michael at Morpeth Road #writephoto

We were ever so glad when the thaw arrived. It was the start of December and Christmas loomed high on the horizon. It was, of course, the result of climate change, but the deniers continued to espouse their theories that … Continue reading

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