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Whitby Weekend: Tail of the unexpected…

It was dark, but not late, as we drove at a leisurely pace back into Whitby, expecting the streets to be as quiet as the previous night. As we approached the bridge, though, a drumbeat began… and at, the same … Continue reading

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The wind was bitter… the first flakes of snow mingled with the rain as we crossed the ridge. It would be a long, cold night, in spite of the flame that burned on the western horizon as the sun sank … Continue reading

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New Book! Mister Fox: Winter’s Tail by Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Where is Mister Fox? The night howls in triumph… pale eyes watch from the shadows… It is the night of the Hunter’s Moon and the dancing ground should be alive with flame as the Foxes dance in the dark. But … Continue reading

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Long Hot Summer … Stuart France

* After a long, long, hot summer, The mornings have finally turned autumnal. Which must mean, That Mister Fox, Cannot be very far away… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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It has been a busy few weeks, and in some ways, not the best in my personal history. It had begun with a very sick car just days before we were to go north. The last-minute repair really did go … Continue reading

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The battle for winter

The drums beat louder, flames leap high As Foxes roam the night Burning brands dance in the dark and in the blood burn bright The watchers, clustered round the lawn By firelight are revealed The Silver Fox will cast the … Continue reading

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Meeting by moonlight…

It was already pitch black when we arrived. The full moon sailed high behind the clouds, silvering their edges, yet hiding its face. We were armed, the four of us, ready for the assault and could hear the distant murmur … Continue reading

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Getting Foxed in Langsett

If you think I seem a little absent today, it is because I am. Weather permitting there will be a stone circle before lunch, in the company of friends, then we head for Langsett. We won’t be the only folk … Continue reading

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Mister Fox in Holmfirth

Flames light the night and the beat of the drum calls… Guardians await the coming of the Silver Fox… Foxes prowl the night… …and the revellers become aware… and they follow. Music fills the night… Trees blossom with fireflowers… and … Continue reading

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Imbolc with Mister Fox

The Silver Fox banished the night-dark wings of Crow and called forth flame from the night. Holding aloft the staff one final time, the fire leaped magically to light the banner… The crowd came closer, seeking the light and warmth … Continue reading

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