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Beltane Eve…

The thirtieth of April is traditionally the eve of Beltane, the rebirth of summer when, according to Borrobil, the strange little man of William Croft Dickinson’s classic tale, the dark king of winter must be defeated by the white king … Continue reading

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Musical Roots: The Drum’s Song by Alienora

Reblogged from Chronicles of an Orange Haired Woman. Alienora and Dean were our Lore Keepers at the Feathered Seer weekend workshop. They rose to the challenge with utter magnificence… of which more will be said later… and then the Shaman … Continue reading

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Mister Fox in Holmfirth

Flames light the night and the beat of the drum calls… Guardians await the coming of the Silver Fox… Foxes prowl the night… …and the revellers become aware… and they follow. Music fills the night… Trees blossom with fireflowers… and … Continue reading

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Leaf and Flame – Fox fire

It would be fair to say that, although the Lady of the Hunt may have tried to maintain dignity during the Fox Dance, it had gone up in flames with the very first flare and she was as excited as … Continue reading

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Leaf and Flame – Trust and honour

The Saturday night ritual drama saw Gawain taken to meet his fate. The Green Knight waited in the Green Chapel to return the blow traded so long ago… and Gawain’s own actions left the outcome in doubt. How can he … Continue reading

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Mission to Marsden

I haven’t even finished writing about our January holiday…and I was off again on my travels. I had hopes of dry weather as I drove north on Friday… spring flowers are everywhere…snowdrops and primroses, crocus and daffodil all flowering together. … Continue reading

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Somewhere in the moonlight…

We had watched the sun go down in flames. There was the inevitable frisson of excitement as I waited in the lane. Above, the clouds were fringed with moonlight; here though, there was only shadowed silence. Not far away a … Continue reading

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It was a dark and stormy night…

Go on then… as it’s almost Hallowe’en, I’ll share once again the old Yorkshire tale of the Hand of Glory… It is not a myth… though its truth may be obscure… one Hand even survives to this  day, found in … Continue reading

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Saturday we managed another early start. We had a reluctant visit planned to a hillfort… reluctant because of its history. We were, however, pretty much doomed to failure as there appeared to be no footpaths marked or signed regardless of … Continue reading

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