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Comedy of Errors…

They, Faceless And faithless, Fostering fear, Make freedom a crime While preserving their own. Impose what could be chosen, Blame science and necessity Isolating the isolated While hidden mouths speak words we do not hear. We, the faceless, now hide … Continue reading

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‘Know thyself’… Pausanius tells us it was inscribed in the court before the temple of Apollo at Delphi. We are given to understand it is associated too with the Inner Temples in ancient Egypt. It is one of the first … Continue reading

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Masquerade #midnighthaiku

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Shape-shifting (Part 1) – by Running Elk

This series of posts are based on the outline of an exploration session presented at The Silent Eye  (a modern mystery school) “The Feathered Seer” weekend in 2017. Whilst I have attempted to retain some of the flavour of the … Continue reading

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Bondsmen #midnighthaiku

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Notes from a Small Dog – Halloween horrors

We’re not talking. I know, I should be more patient with her…she’s only a two-legs after all, but honestly… First she goes off, then comes back…only to go off again. Then, when she does come back, she’s all at sixes … Continue reading

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