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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXVIII: The horse and the crop circle…

As we drove through Avebury to our next destination, we were more than glad that we had been prompted to stop at the Waggon and Horses instead of our usual port of call. The Red Lion, crammed full of people, … Continue reading

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One of our mounds is missing!… Stuart France

‘…Keep to the road, and beware the Full Moon…’ – An American Werewolf in London. The plan was to base our inaugural public ‘solstice’ event at Avebury and thus it seemed natural to book a room at the Public House … Continue reading

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North to south

There was barely a pause for breath between the journey back from the north and a new journey south. Time seems to have run away this month, I find myself writing about events three weeks late and with so much … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Land: On Hackpen Hill

I pulled into a field entrance, my eyes already glued to the hillside. We were still on the edges of Avebury; the site is not limited to the stone circle, after all, but stretches across a wide swathe of the … Continue reading

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Avebury – the singers in the stones

We didn’t make it past the first stone. Not for a while anyway. This is perhaps the most complete part of the outer circle that now remains; many of the stones were broken up for building material in years past … Continue reading

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Up with the birds…

Deprived of both mound and church in the village where we were staying, and being up and about long before breakfast, we decided to take the opportunity to check out the village next door. We knew that here at least … Continue reading

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Closed doors…

We were finally en route for our destination, but having noticed a church on the way to the White Horse, we felt it incumbent upon us to pay a courtesy call. These single celled churches with the little bellcote often … Continue reading

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Where the dragon flies…

“Druid platform?” I nodded assent, knowing full well we were looking at something as old as the hills themselves and older by far than the Druids. And it wasn’t a platform either. But the concept was right. You could feel … Continue reading

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Playing out

Go on… when was the last time you went out to play? I don’t mean with children, wonderful as that is… but just you… playing out… in the fields. Leaving the world and all its worries behind for a little … Continue reading

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