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Liz Lloyd is Beetley Pete’s guest…

Reblogged from beetleypete: I am delighted to present a guest post from British blogger, Liz Lloyd. This is her own short bio. ‘After 35 years as a primary school teacher and school librarian, I started two blog sites based on … Continue reading

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Presence ~ Neha #writephoto

Your presence lingers in the faded memories of childhood when we ran through summer meadows under sunshine, Continue reading at  Forgotten Meadows

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Living Lore: City centre folklore in Coventry ~ Gary Stocker

Hobb’s Hole A few hundred yards from Coventry city centre used to be a water well called Hobb’s Hole (or Hob’s Hole). The users of which used to elect their own mayor. The ceremony of which culminated in him being … Continue reading

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Presence ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Do you dream in sepia do you feel the light Do the ghosts of history visit you at night? Is there more than we can understand As the past and present unite joining hands. Continue reading at  willowdot21

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Odin’s Steed…

* We have to travel far and wide before we can comprehend this story, but in psychological terms ‘Loki’ is straightforward enough. He represents the shadow side of the personality. * In the Myth Cycle as a whole, Loki’s binding … Continue reading

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Presence– Of Wind and Wings ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Ed hesitated at the doorway. He had been told that he had free reign of the house, yet he still felt a little uncomfortable, as if he were intruding on Liza’s privacy. No matter how often she had protested that … Continue reading

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Sowing warmth

There was a road closure on the way to work, so, to avoid the build-up of traffic, I took to the back streets, wending my way through a residential area and passing the house in which we had first lived … Continue reading

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Presence ~ Cheryl #writephoto

Still standing memoirs Adorned by old fashioned blooms Remnants of cowboys Continue reading at The Bag Lady

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Sunlight #midnighthaiku

Sun-gilded winter Frozen fingers catch the light Thawing the shadows    

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