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Wheeling smoke in a barrow ~ Jim Webster

Reblogged from Jim Webster: One of the tales my father always told was of back when he was in his teens and farm workers would work for a ‘term’ (summer or winter) and then after the term was up, he’d … Continue reading

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Fume ~ Rosemary Carlson #writephoto

Ladd and Uwin had finished their dinner and Uwin was telling Ladd more about the cunning folk in England as compared to witches. They suddenly heard a commotion on the street outside the shop and a lot of yelling. Both … Continue reading

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Guest author: Mary Smith ~ Carrick Magic

Carrick Magic She’s an enchantress, as old as creation, never ages, ceaselessly changes. Golden whin skirts, coconut-scented, sweep the rocky shoreline; green petticoats shot through with periwinkle blue, willow herb rose, sea-pink. Beguiles artists with her magic light, shows shapes, … Continue reading

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Paperback Launch Imminent!

Originally posted on Esther Chilton:
As many of you who have self-published will know, formatting your book, ensuring the book cover looks right etc, isn’t easy and there’s many a hurdle to be overcome along the way. This is exactly…

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Fume ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

It seems that after all of my efforts, these experiments with biology, anatomy, chemistry and electricity came to naught. The lifeless clay of my life’s work lay on the table, mocking my years of toil. Adding insult to injury, Mrs. … Continue reading

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The Face in the Smoke ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

The face of the chief rose above the naked arms of the trees. Her body of smoke illuminating the burnt forest below. Beneath her, squirrels dropped their nuts and ran to keep ahead of the flames. Rabbits and mice dug … Continue reading

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Whitby Weekend: One last wonder…

There was time for one more visit before our ways parted. Gary knew the town well from time spent there with his father, but could not recall ever visiting the church. Stuart and I have been there before… and were … Continue reading

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Who Don’t Believe in Dragons ~ Caroline Scott #writephoto

“Do you believe in dragons?” The boy’s mouth quirked. He was amused, sitting on the roof of his dad’s old Ford with his arm around Chloe. From the way she watched the rolling smoke, pale in the headlights of fire … Continue reading

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Lost #midnighthaiku

Forgotten dreams fade Inattention fells their walls Castles in the air

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