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Afghan adventures #19 ~ Mary Smith #Health #Leprosy

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: Mubarak’s clinic was a shambles. The premises, rented from a local farmer, consisted of several dreary rooms round a central courtyard. I suspected if just one of the posters Mubarak had stuck on the walls to brighten … Continue reading

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Career Options ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

Cynthia Der Ella pulled off her rubber gloves and took a step back. Running a cleaning company in any magical realm was a challenge but in Fairyland… well, no one had yet written the book, had they? From composting bean … Continue reading

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A medieval charnel house below the streets of Spitalfields ~ Caroline at Flickering Lamps

Reblogged from Flickering Lamps: Today, Spitalfields often feels like something of a battleground between the area’s rich and varied heritage and the seemingly unstoppable march of gentrification and redevelopment. Located on the north-eastern edge of the City of London, in … Continue reading

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Entrance ~ The Indishe #writephoto

The dark stony cliffs were covered by a verdant expanse of foliage. The lush green sheath seems to curtail the harsh vigour emanating from rocky cliffs, soothing their angst with its tranquil fluorescence. At the base of the cliff was … Continue reading

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*** …Metallic blue piping ran at strangely oblique angles, stretching deep into the ever darkening glass cliff-face, sparkling in the sunlight when at odd times it emerged like some long forgotten swimmer up for air, jutting rudely into the open … Continue reading

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Mary Hansen at the Portal ~ Artie and Stu #writephoto

Terry O’Shea threw a potato into the old town square gong. The otherworldly metallic crash rang across Lake Winataka. Where Edmund Winataka had obtained the gong and when he put it there was long forgotten. People joked a soul possessed … Continue reading

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Herald of Spring…

The first slug of spring slithered in through the door And left me a silvery trail on the floor, A creature I’d normally count as a pest, Whether inside or out, such an unwelcome guest… * But the first slug … Continue reading

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Complicated ~ Deborah #midnighthaiku

Flirting with temptation a deadly habit where things and people outside oneself become lord and master Continue reading at  A Wise Woman’s Journey

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Peace #midnighthaiku

At peace together Pathways of the heart explored Alone and as one *  

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