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Memories ~ Peter Wells

Reblogged from Peter Wells at Counting Ducks: Was that her, it seemed so long ago? Another life lived in another age. A young girl dressed in white, beside the man she’d known since her birth. The son of her dad’s … Continue reading

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Make or break ~ Kitty #writephoto

Some days, When I am, Too particular of things to Go my way, I look for signs, Of what future would hold for me, Continue reading at Kittysverses

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Listen to the Birds ~ Jeff Grant

Reblogged from besonian: I will remember the December just gone as having been mostly grey and grim. And wet. On many days, in the little park below my kitchen window, the leaden skies seemed to hang so low they could … Continue reading

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Memories Locked in Stone ~ Colleen Chesebro #writephoto

Memories Locked in Stone From the shadows of the castle keep I watch and wait for my ladylove whose misty form inhabits the aged walls remaining Continue reading at Word Craft

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Kenaz * At the utterance of this accusation king Rhydderch turned his face from Ganieda but she merely laughed, “Why do you turn from me my love, am I to believe that you take the words of a madman as … Continue reading

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Keep~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

It may surprise you, no doubt, but I am still here. Yes, in this old keep. It has been my home, all these centuries, since the fatal siege that killed most of my people. Well, most of them, not all. … Continue reading

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Photo: Willow Willers * Lines of life entwine Intricate simplicity Within and without Light of the sun brings blessings Hand and heart becoming one * For Colleen’s tanka challenge

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Keep ~ Dr Lim Keng Huat #writephoto

crossed shaped window wall silhouette of two faces set opposed in keep Continue reading at wonkywizard

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Passion #midnighthaiku

The journey begins From promise to fulfilment Ice and fire meet

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