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Time Travelling Slowly ~Marilyn Armstrong

Reblogged from Serendipity: Without a machine or a wormhole, we travel through time every day of our lives. We don’t do it instantly, but every photo we take is a picture of us in the past. Recent past, long ago … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Murder, Ghosts and Sainthood in Offchurch ~ Gary Stocker

Gary Stocker shares the story of a murder, a ghost and a saint… whose legend I explore at the end of Gary’s post: In the Warwickshire village of Offchurch in the 1650s a man was stabbed to death in a … Continue reading

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A Magical Path

“What,” asked my correspondent, enquiring about the School, “is magic?” It is not the first time I have been asked that question, once the difference between performance magic and the magical work of the esoteric path has been established. Read … Continue reading

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Softened #midnighthaiku

Sugar frosted blooms Softening the edge of dawn Winer sun reflects

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