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Ani’s Advent 2019! Peace, Sleep and A Disgruntled Story Reading Ape

Hey Santa, Well, I’ll be going home today and, to tell the truth, much as I’ve had fun with all the other animals, I’ll be glad of a rest. I may still be a pup at heart…but my bones don’t … Continue reading

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Tranquility #midnighthaiku

* A tranquil moment Caught in the breath of a breeze Embracing silence *

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There will be fireworks ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: This tale has to be true, I had it from Maljie in person. She was in discursive mood, having been released from her sickbed and allowed outside to frolic winsomely (or otherwise) over … Continue reading

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Living Lore: The unquiet spirit of Moll Bloxham ~ Gary Stocker

Continuing Gary Stocker’s Sunday series of posts on the folklore, ancient sites and legends of Britain. If you have similar stories to share from the area in which you live,  please read the footnote and send them in. Moll Bloxham … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Cats, Honey Bear and D. Wallace Peach

Dear Santa, I’m having an interesting time with the resident cat here… I have to say, it isn’t as difficult to get on with as I thought it would be. They are weird… but then, so are two-legses and I … Continue reading

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Cross of the Sun…

* As an indication of the importance placed on symbolic form in the ancient world. * The Celtic Stone Cross of Kilkenny has a bare sun at the nadir, a right spiralled sun to the left of that, and a … Continue reading

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Here and Now

The problem with living in a downstairs flat is that there is no upstairs. This may sound obvious, but when you have lived in a house almost all your life, with an upstairs, you tend to forget. Many times I … Continue reading

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Gift #midnighthaiku

* Found on the doorstep Before the world has woken A gift of glory *

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Catching dreams ~ Andrea Stephenson

Reblogged from Harvesting Hecate and featuring a book by Pamela S. Wight of roughwighting: On the first wintry day of the season frost crisps the landscape.  My breath billows in clouds of white.  The sun is honey, oozing through the … Continue reading

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The King Once Came Here ~ James Elkington

Reblogged from Mountains, Myths and Moorlands, where James dangles a dream home before my eyes… Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting. I know it has been awhile – that is no excuse and I promise that I will post … Continue reading

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