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Discovering Albion- Day 1: Deer and Stone

How long does a two and a half hour journey actually take? Well, three and a half if you go the back way and get a clear run. Four if you stop somewhere… Five if you find a good church … Continue reading

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Facing Fear with The Silent Eye, Part 1 – Arrival ~ Helen Jones

Helen Jones, author of Journey to Ambeth, begins her account of her weekend with The Silent Eye in Derbyshire… I recently attended a workshop, with The Silent Eye, about Facing Our Fears, an extraordinary weekend spent among the hills and … Continue reading

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North by north-east

There were buzzards, kestrels and kites, it seemed, marking every mile as I drove north on Wednesday, just watching the road from tree and fence. I may have been travelling alone, but I was not going to feel lonely with … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Land – Rained on and gibbeted

You should, in all circumstances, stay clear of visiting bookshops when travelling. It’s a dangerous pastime. In this case we left the store armed with a nifty little book on the ancient sites around Helmsley and the sure and certain … Continue reading

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An hour in heaven

“Stay out of the heather…” That was the final injunction before I set off for the north. Both of us knew that wasn’t going to happen.  I only had about an hour before our rendezvous, but an hour in heaven … Continue reading

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Yorkshire weather…

Saturday dawned bright and sunny; a promising start to the day. Of course, we had no idea quite what it promised as we headed out to the post office, but the hills are a mere ten minutes away and that … Continue reading

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I drove home this morning as the long gold of a soft morning painted the world in pastel and shadows. I finally had a dawn to drive home with after the long winter darkness. By ten past six I was … Continue reading

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City break…

It had been a good meeting on Friday evening and we had sat and talked for quite some time on our return to Sheffield. On Saturday it was decided that we would abandon the car in favour of public transport … Continue reading

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