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Hidden ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

The gold of your hair Is fluid in my hand Silken and soft In millions of strands The water covering our feet Cool against the skin Sensuous and evocative But it covers many a sin Continue reading at Poetry for … Continue reading

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Our hidden secret ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

The small stream is known to local children, and to the occasional wanderers. For us, I know, it has meaning, one of the places where our spirits shall meet, and remember the past. We once ran over those rocks, splashing … Continue reading

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Guest author: Karen Hugg ~ How My Cat Died, Was Revived, and Shook My World

Have you ever been so shaken by an experience that you had to write about it? That happened to me a year ago with my cat. She’s now fourteen-years-old but we got her as a stray in 2004. My dog … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving ~ James Pyles #writephoto

Twenty-eight-year-old Lance Cain watched as Tamara’s ashes floated away over the small waterfall and down the frigid stream. As a veteran of the Talsan War and one of the few survivors of the Prog Lozab campaign, he had long since … Continue reading

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What lies beneath? ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

light, sound, sun and speed enhancing silvery streams what lies beneath the dark stones interrupting maiden dreams? Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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On the perfidy of alarm clocks…

The alarm on my phone drags me from sleep. I lean over, grab the offender and slide the snooze button. That gives me ten minutes to get moving. I snuggle down instead, my head still pounding. Overwarm, my feet seek … Continue reading

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Words beyond the tongue… Stuart France

* Faces Beyond Form… * * It is beyond question that what would, today, be regarded as three separate sites are in fact one. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Ramparts #midnighthaiku

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