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Spring Thaw ~ Jo Hawk #writephoto

Tex curled the left side of his lip and made a clicking noise. He squeezed his right knee into Red’s side directing him to turn left.  The snow had melted, and the melt seeped into the ground causing the crick … Continue reading

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By the riverside ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

We walk hand in hand in the peace of the morning. The river flows and reminds us of times past. We haven’t forgotten, but we have forgiven. For us, forgiveness has long been our way to give thanks. After all, … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Iain Kelly ~ A Justified State… a new novel!

#Writephoto regulars will recognise the name of Iain Kelly, and know that both his writing and his storytelling is always of a high standard. It gives me great pleasue to introduce his new book, A Justified State… especially as one … Continue reading

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Calm ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Calm Excites Calm excites. An accidental paradox. Emotion springs, gathers in pools, gains ground, and flows: a vibrant stream; a turbulent brook; a rolling river, winding down but never petering out Continue reading at The Moon is Rising

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The Billabong ~ Michael #writephoto

Billabongs were like that, places of calm and serenity. The place where you went to think through your problems, meditate and ponder the world around you. In the autumn they took on a rare beauty, the surrounding trees changed colour, … Continue reading

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The Temple Church II: Talking heads…

It is difficult to say what you see first when you step inside the church built by the Knights Templar in the middle of London, over eight hundred years ago. What you notice first, though, is a complete disparity in … Continue reading

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Giant’s Dance… Stuart France

* Earth Stalker – Dream Maker Hill Shaker – Soul Weeper Sleep Walker – Spirit Keeper Continue reading at Stuart France

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Repetition #midnighthaiku

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