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Shadows #writephoto prompt #SueVincent

Originally posted on Not Tomatoes:
Photo Credit: Sue Vincent “There are too many lines.” “Free yourself.” “Metal bars rising from the earth. Stone pillars capped before they reach the heavens.” “It’s only an illusion.” “I can see light filtered through…

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Escape/Shadows #writephoto

Originally posted on Notes to Women:
Copyright Sue Vincent It was like a prison.  This institution or fortress with its many gates.  Were they keeping people out or people in?  She stood in the shadows, watching and waiting, hoping to…

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The Right Gift #writephoto

Originally posted on Wallie's Wentletrap:
The Right Gift (119 Words) No, not flowers. He liked flowers, but it didn’t seem right. She sat, looking down at the quiet ground that was so unlike him. Davy had never been quiet.…

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Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Those face s hanging from the cliff will not let me rest in peace – even in my grave. I can hear silent, mocking laughter every moment. I’m sure this must be Hell. If there…

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The Anunnaki…

* The Anunnaki… Cometh! * * …They drinketh the dew of Heaven. * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Dear Don: Heron…

Dear Don, Hope the weather up there is less miserable than it is here today. It hasn’t been the best of weeks so apart from walking the dog and trying to find somewhere to park and catch the heron that … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Ani’s Advent Calendar… an invitation

Okay, I know it’s early But the season’s drawing nigh. I want an advent calendar, So thought that I might try And ask my two- and four-legged friends To join me on the blog So why not share your festive … Continue reading

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Wandering Stone…? Stuart France

‘…All the henge stones…’ ‘…were thought to be alive…’ Continue reading at Stuart France

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Rising #midnighthaiku

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