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On the perfidy of alarm clocks…

The alarm on my phone drags me from sleep. I lean over, grab the offender and slide the snooze button. That gives me ten minutes to get moving. I snuggle down instead, my head still pounding. Overwarm, my feet seek … Continue reading

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Mists – by Michael #writephoto

It was the best time of day to be out and the little man hurried along as best he could. Most mornings he walked the streets, even though his Plantar Fasciitis was giving him the gyp he knew if he … Continue reading

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Ani is not happy with me. Not only did I let her guests escape again… and not only did I manage to get her in the bathtub (though this time, I did have help) … No, she is sulking because … Continue reading

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Ani the anarchist

The small dog greeted my return from the shop, grinning from amongst the cushions she had piled in the middle of the floor… a floor liberally sprinkled with the contents of her toy box and the recycling pile. One toy … Continue reading

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