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Calm ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Calm Serene Ethereal Crystal clear sky A true autumn day Water gently flowing Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Calm ~ Chris Jensen #writephoto

Throughout a delusional blind… A windy storm of icy confusion, clouds the inner mind… Continue reading at Deleted Angel

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Contexts: scribes… Stuart France

* With the advent of cuneiform, the Oral Tradition continued to develop alongside ‘written literature’, but the primary purpose of recording stories in writing was not necessarily to supply individual readers with a coherent or connected account of ‘historical’ events. … Continue reading

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#BryntinsBLT: Big Loud Twit

Originally posted on O4FS:
#BryntinsBLT; Big Loud Twit? No, of course not really. I’m not loud at all. As per an introductory post for a spur of the moment idea and due to temporary physical erkiness, BLT stands not…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – #Christmas author and blog promotions 2018 – It’s party time again.

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
It might only be mid-November but with 160 authors in the Cafe and Bookstore that all will be included in the Christmas promotions..This includes existing authors on the shelves and any new authors who…

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Calm ~ Di #writephoto

Of course, it all looks so calm now. The stream bends gently round its natural path, trees lining the banks like some kind of guard of honour, the shallows attracting waterfowl, wild birds and butterflies. Go back a year and … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: Wednesbury…

Dear Wen I suppose ultimately ‘Odin’s Steed’ is the eight-spoked wheel of the year, which he rides like the wind and which could almost be yet another parallel with the ‘Christ-Spirit’ that blows where it listeth… Repton and Breedon would … Continue reading

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Calm ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

“Lovely isn’t it?” asked Suze, the sky was just the right shade of blue. “You or the view?” asked Kyle admiring her lithe body, they had made love at the water’s edge and were now finishing their picnic lunch au … Continue reading

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In cold blood…

I knew what my son was going to say, as he eyed up the weather and the new hosepipe. The one that reaches the huge pond filter at the bottom of his garden… “It’s a nice day…” Yeah, right. It … Continue reading

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Names Matter: vittles… Stuart France

* …The king he were a comin’ down the street an he hard her sing, but what she sang he couldn’t hare, so he stopped and said: ‘What were that you was a singun of, maw’r?’… …The woman, she were … Continue reading

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