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Stark ~ Em #writephoto

Bare for all to see, Completely isolated from its surrounding It stood, just like me. The rare breeze not doing much to what little leaves that dared stay on. Continue reading at Em’s World

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Stark ~ Positive side of the coin #writephoto

How clear are you on where to go? It is perfectly fine not to go anywhere But are you clear you don’t want to go nowhere? Continue reading at Positive side of the coin

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#writephoto regulars – Meet Dorinda Duclos

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Today we meet Dorinda Duclos from Night Owl Poetry. Without those of you who write and read the pieces inspired by the weekly photos, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Iain Kelly:
The contrast of the plain below was stark. Beyond the edge of the forest, across the boundary to the other country, there lay only barren, empty land. Parched and dry it would provide for no…

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For fifty years I sought you… Steve Tanham

For fifty years I sought you Beneath an ashen tree And then at last I caught you Hiding behind me ➰ What jests your lips had whispered As I darted too and fro Till I lay down at the wayside … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt: Stark #writephoto

Every Thursday at noon GMT, I publish one of my photos as a writing prompt.  If you know where the photo was taken, please keep it to yourself until the challenge is closed and I usually share something about the … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up: Way-stone #writephoto

* Which way to travel Every choice may lead you home Eternal questions Knowing only one answer Follow the path of your heart * The photo for this week’s prompt was taken one cold and windy morning in Shillito Wood, … Continue reading

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Half Remarkable Relations… Stuart France

* In the monstrous Tyranny of process… What is Is next to What was and what is no longer… While what never was But what could have been And perhaps even what should have… Is that much stronger. * Continue … Continue reading

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Open #midnighthaiku

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