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Calm ~Anjali #writephoto

Looking deep into the skies, Sitting by the shore, I listened to the song of river, Patient, calm and humble, Quit and tranquil! Continue reading at Positive Side Of The Coin

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The Boy ~ Erica #writephoto

“Anyone else happening upon the scene might have noticed an unusually composed eight-year-old boy,” Sheriff Darnell said. “But when Doc Hammond found the boy, he immediately knew something was wrong. The boy, we don’t know his name yet or where … Continue reading

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Autumnal calm ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

It is late in the autumnal season Many of the leaves have given their last regards Soon it will be freezin’ Because Mother Nature doesn’t mess with the cards   Continue reading at Never a Worry

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The human cost #Remembrance

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, one hundred years ago, the Armistice came into effect and the guns fell silent after four years of horror. The Great War, the ‘war to end all wars’, … Continue reading

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Serenity In the Midst of Madness ~ Fandango #writephoto

Michael sat on the wooden bench by the side of the calm stream, hoping to find that, in what is arguably the most bountiful nation on the planet, there was yet a trace of humanity left. He had been under a … Continue reading

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Trampled where they fell, the dead and dying, Mud and blood tainting each final breath, Their cries unheard, unheeded by the guns, Made one with sacred earth blasphemed by death. Shells crack and cackle, ‘necessary evil’, A whispered ‘Mother!’ lost … Continue reading

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Seeds #midnighthaiku

Little now remains Upon a skeletal framework Only seeds of hope

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