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Miranda’s Mindscape ~ Suzanne #writephoto

The Medicine Woman paused as she walked across Miranda’s mindscape.  Stark was the only word she could think of to describe it.    This was not the disorganised chaos of the unexamined life rather there were large tracts of space … Continue reading

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Hope ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Hope     How do I mend my naked life? Call my mind back from the barren dark side of the moon Tell me how I stop seeding my thoughts on dark burnt land? Ash blown memories returning. Tell me how I … Continue reading

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An entirely reasonable gentleman ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster’s alter ego, Tallis Steelyard: For a truly fine painter, it strikes me that Garl Furtling has been blamed for a number of improbable occurrences which in all candour were not his fault. If you find this … Continue reading

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The Gloom ~ Fandango #writephoto

The year was NC221. Thick, dark clouds had enveloped the entire planet since shortly after the Nuclear Holocaust, or NC as it was commonly known. The descendants of the survivors called it “the Gloom.” No one alive had ever seen … Continue reading

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Stark ~ Di #writephoto

The tree with its bleached limbs held testament to what was, a stark contrast to the evergreens lining the foothills down into the valley. The sky above was undecided, its grey clouds jostling for supremacy over the light. Continue reading … Continue reading

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Dreams, Wishes… Memories Always cherished. “Once upon a times” Whose time was never right. No fairy godmother came To wave a wand or cast a spell. No pumpkin coach for Cinderella… Life happens, writing its own fairytale. Reality, in multivalent … Continue reading

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The Marsh King’s Daughter III… Stuart France

Hi-ho the Carrion Crow, bow and bend to me… * …There usually is. Perhaps one reason for the tale’s obscurity these days is its perceived, overtly, Christian message. This takes the form of a priest who is captured and tortured … Continue reading

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Forgotten… #midnighthaiku

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