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Still Flowing ~ Tina Stewart Brakebill #writephoto

when our days are spent the rivers still flow to sea and the earth endures Reblogged from Tina Stewart Brakebill

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Caught ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

The woods are asleep, all is immobile, and silent, under the searing heat. Well, not all. For the unforgiving eye is there, ensuring nothing escapes. For this is our fate: we have plundered and polluted our world, and, now, we … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Sisyphus #writephoto

  We waited for the storm, the lightning, the thunder, But it did not come, instead, the sky behind the hills In one brief instant, was alight, as if the true God Wanted to warn us: the glorious sunset reminded … Continue reading

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Seeking new relationship…

Elderly hippy, likes wearing flowers. Enjoys sunbathing. Excellent home maker. Patient, generous… fairly even tempered, but subject to mood swings. Has been known to throw the occasional wobbly. Exceptionally good at dealing with children. No religious affiliation or prejudice. Excellent … Continue reading

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