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Guest author: Sarah Brentyn ~ Be the Grain You Were Meant to Be

In one day, I saw three negative opinions about indie “authors”. (I use quotes here as these opinions implied indies are not actually authors.) One was a blog post and the other two were strings of tweets on Twitter. They … Continue reading

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Carved – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

“Great, all-knowing cave, I ask you again. What is the meaning of life?” Deep inside a vertical tube, two teenagers tried not to snicker.  “Throw a coin into my throat and I shall tell you.” She had but one shilling, … Continue reading

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 Ebb – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

If you want to participate, here’s the link:    https://scvincent.com/2017/10/26/thursday-photo-prompt-ebb-writephoto/ <_><_><_> There are certain words in the English language that I have never liked.  One of them is “ebb.”  It sounds like a name that a woman with a 200 word … Continue reading

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Messenger #writephoto by Joelle LeGendre

A cat god looketh upon the Earth and sayeth, “Humans be humbled.” The reverberant message, outside our hearing range, fails. Source:Messenger #writephoto | Two on a Rant

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 The tunnel – #writephoto by Joelle Le Gendre

The year was 1972. I stood at the edge of a tunnel and peered into the darkness.  It wasn’t the first time and, given the fact I was standing here again, it might not be the last. “This is so … Continue reading

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#writephoto : gargoyle by Joelle Le Gendre

Thursday #writephoto prompt:  Inside-out “Who’d a thought I’d be goin’ to a black an’ white ball?  All them senators dancin’ with their wives…or husbands, an’ the president, too!” I hooted at my son. “Mother…please!” he whispered sharply. I hain’t seen … Continue reading

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