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The Small Dog’s Salad Days…

Let us talk about ears, It’s a subject that’s sore, And the two-legs gets cross If I scratch with a paw (Even though, I would say That’s what paws are made for.) * Now, I have floppy ears Which, as … Continue reading

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The Small Dog’s Complaint…

Dear writer… * I know you’ve only got two legs And elephants have four, But honestly, you sound like one When walking ‘cross the floor. * It’s every night; I go to bed And settle down to sleep, You stumble … Continue reading

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A guest at Robbie’s #PoetryReadathon…

Yesterday, Robbie very kindly included me in her December  Poetry Readathon. As usual, the Small Dog hogged the limelight with two lovely reviews of ‘her’ books…. Head over to Robbie’s Inspiration to read the interview… Sue Vincent is an amazing … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog ~ Connivance

She made me have a bath again, It really wasn’t fair. I thought that I’d be safe, you know, Because my boy was there. She even played me false on that, And put me on the leash, I saw a … Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Monday!

I’m too tired to write, ’cause I had a lie-in, You might think that the two wouldn’t mix, But after a weekend from Hell with the pond I was ready for crossing the Styx. There was panic on Saturday morning … Continue reading

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Bathtime-take two

Because my back is playing up… The pain is not a joke… I thought I’d run a nice, hot bath And have a proper soak. I’ve got a tub of Epsom salts, A remedy of yore, Perhaps they’d help a … Continue reading

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A tale of tails

I had to clean the fish tank out Although it’s hot and steamy… The fish were swimming to the glass And couldn’t really see me. There’s one in there, a monster fish… There’s smaller sold for cooking… And he is … Continue reading

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