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Announcing the WINNERS of the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch

When the doctors told me that the cancer had spread to my brain, they also told me that I did not have long left…’days to weeks’ were their words. At this point, the wonderful folks at the Carrot Ranch wrote … Continue reading

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First Day at Work ~ Anurag Bhahkshi #writephoto

Maria could feel the hills come alive with music as the magnificent scenery unfolded before her. Mother Superior had been right, this WAS an epic workplace. With renewed confidence, she gazed into the eyes of the handsome but stern-looking man … Continue reading

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Turrets – The Dark Netizen #writephoto

The castle stood tall, covered in thin layers of white snow. Lush green forests surrounded the secluded dwelling. It was perfect for my friends and me. The four of us could now live our dream. It was the right decision … Continue reading

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Wishes #flashfiction

The red balloon danced in the apple tree, caught by a ribbon that fluttered in the breeze. She had loved balloons, when she and the world had been much younger. Every balloon had carried a wish… a wish of the … Continue reading

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Fairies in the wind Carrying childhood wishes Future uncertain ‘Rosebay willowherb’… tall summer spires of brilliant pink followed by a thousand fluffy fairies escaping autumn’s flame. Magical things, holding the future within them, like the child who watched them fly. … Continue reading

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Between #WritePhoto by Sarah Brentyn

He flies halfway between day and night. His wings reach out, touch the rooftop of my home. The silence outside me, the noise inside me… I hear him. Tomorrow, he tells me, will be softer. More forgiving. Wait.   I … Continue reading

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