The Tale of the Curious Scarecrow – A children’s story by Gregg Savage

A children’s story reblogged from Gregg Savage – Daily Tales:

Once upon a time, in a cornfield very far away, there lived a very curious scarecrow. In fact, he was so curious that he would often make his friends irritated with his never-ending questions. Scarecrow had lived on the farm for as long as he could remember and had become worried that he would live there for as long as he would ever know. He woke up in the same place every morning, stayed in the same place all day and then went to sleep in the same place every night.

Over the years, Scarecrow had learned that he was good at three things: Using his imagination, being curious and scaring crows. Scarecrow did not enjoy watching the crows fly away in fright, but that is all they ever seem to want to do when they came near him. Maybe it is something I have said or done, thought Scarecrow. Or, maybe, it is something that I have NOT said or done.

Scarecrow had made friends with the spiders and insects that had come to keep him free from fleas and mites and they would take the time each day to teach him, as best as they could, about the world around him. He had learned the names for things such as “corn” and “dirt” and he had learned to count to nine without stopping, but he was always wanting to learn more. “Spider,” Scarecrow would ask, “What are those lovely, green shapes I can see over there?”

“Those are the trees,” Spider would reply. “They’re job is to make the world beautiful and to help the birds and other animals live happy lives.” Scarecrow wished that he was born to do that job as well but his only skilled appeared to be the ability to scare the birds and most of the other animals away.

As much as he loved the friends that he had, Scarecrow had grown more and more curious about what was beyond the trees at the edge of his farm and imagined the adventures he might never have.

One morning, while the spiders and insects were still sleeping, Scarecrow had woken up and was standing in his field, silently looking out at the sun rising over his farm. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a single crow hopping through the corn towards him. He was waiting for the crow to fly away in fear once he was close enough, but the crow kept hopping closer and closer while searching for bugs in the dirt. Once the crow reached the base of Scarecrow’s stick body, she looked up at him with her head tilted in curiosity.

“You are not afraid of me?” asked Scarecrow.

“Not at the moment,” replied the crow. “Are you scary?”

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