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Waiting #midnighthaiku

Winter’s fingers cling Buried treasure silver and gold Now await the sun

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Silver ~ Brian F. Kirkham #writephoto

Should any foolhardy person want to go treasure hunting it’s not the treasure horde of a long lost pirate down in that water view you see is merely Ra peering at himself in a mirror Continue reading at The Inkwell

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Treasure ~ Hélène Vaillant #writephoto

Treasure   (Free Verse) welcoming surprise behind the rented cottage; an inviting stream murmuring melodies; crystal clear waters content for its fluidity; peaceful profundity reanimate my spirit; Continue reading at Willow Poetry

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The Temple Church II: Talking heads…

It is difficult to say what you see first when you step inside the church built by the Knights Templar in the middle of London, over eight hundred years ago. What you notice first, though, is a complete disparity in … Continue reading

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Distant Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

There were once three companions, a dwarf, a gnome and a fire sprite, who decided to set off on an adventure to the Ice Capped Mountains to kill the red dragon, Usullen, and take his treasure. They believed together and … Continue reading

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Garnering gold…

We followed a golden path through a wood steeped in history and mystery. Mesolithic folk once walked here, whose flints are found eroding from the soft earth. Mines have been dug to gather minerals from deep below a surface where … Continue reading

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Iris by Craig Towsley #writephoto

Owl and Raccoon set the notched doubloon in the hole bored through the stone wall. “Think it’ll work?” Raccoon asked. “Positive,” Owl said, taking a few steps back. The sun began to set. He hurried back to the wall and … Continue reading

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City of Stone – Jim Adams, #writephoto

On a secluded mountain mesa, I shouted, ‘I am sure this is the way to the ancient ruins of the legendary city of stone, which was once inhabited by the Incas.  This has to be the trail that the famous … Continue reading

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 Green by Ritu #writephoto

“Is this what we’ve been searching for?” Charlie stopped suddenly at the edge of the water. Pete reached his side shortly after, out of breath, almost doubled over with the effort of this up to now pointless hike. “Well I don’t … Continue reading

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Cursed Gold by The Bag Lady #writephoto

They pulled the boat up near the rocks and secured the line.  Not being discovered yet, the bumbling pair’s confidence grew.  It was just a short sprint up the shoreline to the cave, at least according to the legend.  There … Continue reading

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