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‘Know thyself’… Pausanius tells us it was inscribed in the court before the temple of Apollo at Delphi. We are given to understand it is associated too with the Inner Temples in ancient Egypt. It is one of the first … Continue reading

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Nature Versus Nurture?

“Ewww!”said my younger son, screwing up his nose and making terrible, traumatised faces as he drank the small glass of milk with about as much relish as if it were arsenic. “Straight from the udder?” “‘From moo to you’ it … Continue reading

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Just desserts…

“No…! Really? That’s terrible…” It may well have been, but I doubt the subject of their gossip would have appreciated the evident relish with which the two women were discussing her misfortunes. I wasn’t eavesdropping, the strident voices were inescapable … Continue reading

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Curve #midnighthaiku

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Behind the times…

Louis XIV, by Bernini. Image: Louis le Grand   “Verily, verily, do I say unto thee, Be wary of those who write your history.” ….so wrote Stuart a little while ago. Reading it, you might be forgiven for thinking of … Continue reading

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What price life?

The fish seem to have noticed that it is spring. The little male gourami needs floating plants in which to build a bubble nest before his mate will take his advances seriously. As they have, quite inconsiderately, eaten all the … Continue reading

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But me from Life at 17 #writephoto

Life is in a mess, Like gutter with wastes, I feel so inadequate, so inadequate, Self doubt and insecurities filling me up, That’s when I see it blazing, That bridge, So big, so big, But on fire, The Bridge between … Continue reading

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Weapons of mass destruction and the no-fly zone

There is a tall plastic bottle on my desk that is a constant reminder that I am a mass murderer. I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it, but sometimes you are left with no alternative. It matters little that … Continue reading

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It has been a lousy weekend. How’s that for a start to a cold, wet Monday? The wind demolished the fence and it is now beyond my skill to fix it single handedly, and the dog is persistent in her … Continue reading

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