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Guest Author: Alan Richardson – The Lightbearer

Alan Richardson is one of those authors who seems to have always been on my shelves. I first came across his work more years ago than I care to remember, when I was devouring every reputable book on magic and … Continue reading

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In Golden Light by Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

Reflections of bronze leaves  glow golden as sunlight skims the water. Wild birds floating on a river of fire. Reflection and refraction are transformation, summer’s final bonfire. To see more of Marilyn’s photographic response to the prompt, please click here.

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Phantoms of the past…

When I met her, I thought her no more than a dream of the landscape, born of the mists and the magic. Imagination. Fantasy. Perhaps she is. Perhaps I delude myself with my listening. Perhaps my tears have fallen for … Continue reading

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Marg Swan by Michael at Morpeth Road #writephoto

Marg Swan was very dim Considering her name What an irony she couldn’t swim.   Marg Swan ate chocolate chips She grew to be quite round Sat a table on her hips.   Marge Swan hated the sea All that … Continue reading

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A painter’s palette

The faded flower caught my eye as I was trimming the potted plants on the windowsill. The rich shades of its life and death were so striking they would make an amazing watercolour. Appropriate, really, as the flower was an … Continue reading

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Illusory #midnighthaiku

The lake in the picture may be beautiful, but it does not exist save in the mind’s eye. Only the sky beyond the hedgerow is real with its distant landscape of hills made of clouds. Perception is an unreliable guide … Continue reading

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