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Jimmy’s Bar

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Jimmy’s Bar was throwing competitors out of business. It was at best, a wooden shack, deep down the road, towards the sea. There were no half-dressed bartenders. He did not believe in being crass. The…

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Guest Author: Hugh Roberts – Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

It’s a simple enough question I’ve been asked many times yet, many times, I do have to stop myself from answering the question to have a good think about it first. When I wrote my first short story, shortly after … Continue reading

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all that is born – from dhamma footsteps

POSTCARD #244: New Delhi: Early morning light, people wrapped in shawls, long scarves bound around the head and tied under the chin. Dark faces, eyes looking out and they see me for an instant in a diamond eye-lock as I struggle … Continue reading

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 Journal of the far side: 9 – The Island of Impossible Life – Steve Tanham

Continuing Steve’s travels in Australia “Welcome to Central Station…” We thought we had misheard; sitting on the back row of the four-wheel drive bus – yes, I did write 4×4 bus! There’s a picture below, just to prove it. There … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Lanternlight by Jane Dougherty

For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt. No matter what kind of photo Sue chooses, the story always seems to come out sinister. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something I ought to be worrying about. Moths beat against the clear panes, … Continue reading

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The other side

Dawn was beautiful this morning. I saw its opalescence light the window and heard the first blackbird sing its welcome. We were out before the sun rose, the small dog and I, with Ani lolloping through the fields and undergrowth, … Continue reading

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Redbreast #midnighthaiku

One legend says that the robin got its red breast when it was splashed by the blood of Jesus as ittried to pull away the thorns from the Crown that pierced his flesh.

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