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Guest writer: Robert Kirkendall -The Hill, a short story

          Jason was enjoying a warm, summer day at the beach with his girlfriend and all their friends, then a pulsing buzz suddenly dissolved the image and pulled him out of sleep. His arm reached out and shut off his … Continue reading

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Hundred #writeinspiration

She pulls dull, sagging skin into an approximation of a face-lift. It will need more than surgery. In their two years together she feels she has aged a hundred. Dreams and white lace hang loosely on her bones. She can … Continue reading

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Another glass? from Tallis Steelyard

You know how it happens, there are two of you sitting drinking and then, suddenly and before you know it, there are three. So we sat in companionable conversation with our new friend Edard and swapped experiences. It struck me … Continue reading

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‘Frankly Speaking’ – Don Massenzio shares Chapter 1 of his first book 

Your first book is like your first child. It might not be perfect, but you put a lot of effort into it and hope for the best. Frankly Speaking was published in April of 2014. The idea for the book … Continue reading

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Bull-Coyote II… Stuart France

* …Buffalo-Bull threw Coyote high into the air with his horns. When he came back down to earth Coyote was a Buffalo-Bull. Bull-Coyote wandered off into another field eating grass to his heart’s content and satisfying his hunger. Just then, … Continue reading

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Presence #midnighthaiku

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