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Gold – Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

This poem was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – https://scvincent.com/2017/01/05/thursday-photo-prompt-gold-writephoto/. Towards the golden light To visit an underprivileged school; From daily toil a welcome respite; To bestow a gift of books; Fills my soul with much delight. I watch each … Continue reading

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Guest author: Paul Andruss – DANTE’S INFERNO

The second in a series of guest posts by author  Paul Andruss… Dante called his poem ‘The Divine Comedy’ a comedy because it has a happy ending. Not because it is a laugh a minute. Simply because Gustav Dore’s work … Continue reading

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#writephoto–gold & Three Line Tales #49: the tao of the cards – Lorraine

Crushed by the ordinary, she needed to flee, so she arranged the cards – each with an image: a touchstone; a tao; a hope. She shuffled, holding her breath, exhaled, then chose two to be her mantras. Continue reading here: … Continue reading

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Journal of the far side: 5 – Longitude 131 – Steve Tanham

Longitude 131 is the place where Uluru lives. Right in the middle of nowhere… It’s 06:10 in the morning and the mercury is rising past twenty-eight degrees centigrade outside our air conditioned and life-saving room. Most of yesterday afternoon, it … Continue reading

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#writephoto Gold – Sarah at fmme

The kids were squabbling over something – some filter Jess was using – and Sukey could feel her blood pressure rising. Literally feel it, as if her blood was going to explode out through her skin, coating the inside of … Continue reading

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A touch of inspiration

I knew I should have pulled over and written it down. All the way into work, the words just flowed. It was good stuff and I was learning as I spoke the words out loud, writing the imaginary article with … Continue reading

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Tee-Pee Tales… Stuart France

* BUFFALO, FIELD-MOUSE AND RED-FOX. Field-Mouse was out gathering wild-beans for winter when Buffalo came down to the meadow to graze. ‘He will mow down the long-grass with his prickly tongue and there will be no where left to hide,’ … Continue reading

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Lichen #midnighthaiku

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