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Time- Ritu -#writephoto

Time It doesn’t stand still, you know Time Keeps on ticking Time Makes us older Time Sometimes wiser Time Each moment, a new fact Time Continue reading: Time #writephoto

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Time #writephoto – willowdot21

Clock face out of pace, Time flies its a race. Tick tock out of space Turn and run fall from grace. Time flies, crooks and spies . Dead bodies fester maggots and blue flies. Life comes life goes death travels … Continue reading

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Shahjahan – Reena #writephoto

Wonder why the clock tower has huge gaping holes, instead of the face of a clock?. Time had stopped ticking for Emperor Shahjahan, after he was imprisoned in this tower by his son, Aurangzeb. The holes were just large enough … Continue reading

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The old year passes Extinguished in a moment Just a memory A new year begins A story yet unwritten No more than a dream For just this moment Do we touch reality Face to face with now. Fireworks provided by … Continue reading

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The Great Mystery III… from Stuart France

* * The mysterium conspires with the animal world whose souls so resemble the purity and innocence of a human child. * It recognises the miracle of life in both seed and egg and the wonder of a harvest which … Continue reading

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Dawn #midnighthaiku

Happy New Year! For many, 2016 seemed a year of gathering darkness. The world has seemed full of sadness, anger and fear. There is a sense of helplessness; what can we do in face of events that shape our world? … Continue reading

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