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Guest author: Robert Eggleton – Rarity from the Hollow

Increasing Sensitivity to Victimization Through Satire and Comedy Charles Dickens may not have been the first novelist to address the evils of child victimization in fiction, but his work has certainly had an impact on the consciousness of us all. … Continue reading

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The salvation – Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Standing outside the church gates, the man watched the vehicle speed away, spewing fumes into the June summer air. He heaved a sigh of relief and walked back inside. That was one more abandoned girl married off. His cataract laid … Continue reading

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Leaving Australia… Steve Tanham

It’s going to be a wrench, leaving Australia. We’ve been here nearly a month and that’s the longest time we have ever been away from the UK. It has been a wonderful time. The star of the show has been … Continue reading

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Lantern by Anisha #writephoto

It was one of those exquisitely smelling nights right after the first shower of monsoon… the night was beautiful until she entered this deserted quiet street, lit by nothing but this distant lantern… She was alone, her hands tightly clenching … Continue reading

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An Imperious Impulse IV… Stuart France

* …When Death Spirit heard of Coyote’s folly he was deeply angered. He immediately appeared to Coyote who was alone on the prairie howling into the dust. “You…you…you… congenital transgressor!” spat Death Spirit in his rage, “I told you not … Continue reading

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Remembered #midnighthaiku

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