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Summer of Love-Gold – from Peace, Love and Patchouli #writephoto

I remember nervously twirling the frail gold bracelet around in circles on my arm. I hadn’t worn it in quite some time, feeling awkward having moved on with my young life when he had left that hot summer day, but … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Paul Andruss – PSYCHOPOMP

The first in a series of guest posts by author Paul Andruss… Have you ever wondered what a psychopomp was? What do you mean no! If you think the fact you just don’t care is ever going to stop me, … Continue reading

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Update on Naked Alliances by S.K. Nicholls

Originally posted on S.K. Nicholls:
Rant: Don’t expect me to follow you back if you don’t have a “Follow me by Email” option on your blog. I read my email several times a day. I never go into my…

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Gold – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

There’s a barely controlled abandon, and more than a hint of anxiety that once the act of inscription has begun, it can’t be undone. The scars were there, along with the stench of betrayal. In the silence of the road, … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Gold – The Third Time We Choose – Helen Jones

Sue Vincent has chosen yet another gorgeous photo for her #writephoto prompt this week, and here is my response: The Third Time We Choose She was scared. Terrified, if she was being honest. But she’d known she couldn’t take another … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Light – Jane Dougherty

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt. A 99 word flash. Light streamed through the tree tunnel behind her. She peered nervously into the rear view mirror as the intensity increased and pressed down on the accelerator. The little car raced along … Continue reading

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Musings of my Quantum World

Originally posted on Global Sojourns Photography:
The verdict: a decision to affect and disrupt a life. My choice to veer off the comfortable path, abandon the current state of happiness and venture into the unknown. Why? To chase down a…

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Chancer #midnighthaiku

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