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Battle lines…

“Defy me?” says Routine. “Try something new?” asks Habit. “Yep,” cries Rebellion. “Absolutely!” answers Adventure. Lines are drawn, this could get ugly. Mediocrity and Excitement peek out from their respective corners.  Wont and Want draw weapons…. Fate steps in as … Continue reading

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Time for change…

I was given a clock for Christmas, a clock framed by pictures of my grandchildren. I hung it on the wall, marvelling at how quickly life can change. I, who was a young woman not two minutes ago, or so … Continue reading

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Imprisoned #midnighthaiku

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Word power

“It really gets to me,” said my son, checking his phone as I was putting his socks on. “What does?” “Words… stuff like this…” He read me a passage from social media. I immediately saw what he meant. It was … Continue reading

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Symmetry and the small dog

I heard her, five minutes before the alarm was due to drag me from my bed. It is the first night in ages that I have woken there… I await a new mattress, having given in to the pressure of … Continue reading

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Getting nowhere fast

The morning started early…long before dawn… even though the night had ended late. You would think I would have done mounds of stuff by now, but not so. The rest of the morning disappeared in my son’s kitchen then I … Continue reading

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Ani the anarchist

The small dog greeted my return from the shop, grinning from amongst the cushions she had piled in the middle of the floor… a floor liberally sprinkled with the contents of her toy box and the recycling pile. One toy … Continue reading

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